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How to restore lost contacts from iphone 7

IPhone 7 is one of the most popular smart phones in the world, many people love to use iPhone 7, compared to Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, SONY, NOKIA, blackberry and other smart mobile phone, its high-end iPhone design, larger screen (iPhone 6S Plus), the world's fastest mobile processor the HD visual enjoyment, smooth gaming experience.
IPhone 7/6S data recovery software
Accidentally delete important contacts in your iPhone 7? Don't worry, iPhone data recovery can help you restore your iPhone contacts and save them to Mac or PC. CSV, HTML format, electronic business card,. This data recovery tool is the best software to help you scan and get the lost data back. It can solve the annoying problems that have been lost by the iPhone contact. You can use iPhone data recovery software from iPhone 7 / 6S Plus mail list but also support the recovery, the recovery of the lost data from iPhone SE/6S/5S/5C/5/4S/4, iPad Pro/ Air 2/ MINI 4, both by scanning the iPhone directly or restored from the backup files like iTunes or iCloud in recovery. No matter how detailed the information you want, we can all recover.
Now let's talk about the recovery process for the iPhone contacts. First, download a iOS data recovery tool. We strongly recommend you click here: iPhone contact recovery software. Second, it is possible to recover data from iTunes or iCloud backups. You can connect your iPhone 7 to the computer and then scan and recover if you have it.
For Android users, go to: how to restorecontacts from Android

Part 1: Directly Recover contacts with your iPhone 6/6 Plus in hand

Step 1 Connect your iPhone with computer and Scan it

Download iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, install and launch it to continue. Then connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. If you use iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S, you will see the main window as follows. Click "Start Scan" button on the lower corner of the interface. Then, the program will start scanning automatically .

Step 2 Select and Scan Lost Data on your iPhone 6

Step 3 Preview and Recover iPhone 6 lost contacts directly

As the scanning progress finished, you can preview them one by one before recovering. Choose anything you want to preview, mark down the data that you want to get back to your iPhone, and then click "Recover" to extract all that you want.

Part 2: Restore iPhone 6 contacts from iTunes Backup

If you want to recover iPhone 6 lost contacts from iTunes backup file, you should make sure that you have back it up before.

1) Restoring the entire backup

Disable auto sync first.
For Windows users: Run iTunes > Edit > Preferences... > Devices.
For Mac users: Run iTunes > Preferences...> Devices

Then use USB cable to connect your iPhone with the computer.
Go to the "Devices" again, choose the backup file of your iPhone 5s and click on the "Recover" button.
Afterwards, your iPhone will restart and all the contacts in the backup will be back.

2) Selectively recovering

Step 1 Scan the Backup File

Make sure you have do iTunes backup iDevices before, choose the exact backup file you need. Click "Recover from iTunes Backup File" > choose the one for your iPhone > click "Start Scan".

Note: Please prevent sync automatically, to stop the backup file from being updated and replaced by data on your iPhone.

Step 2  Recover your iPhone Contacts

The scanning progress will last for a few seconds. You can see all data scanned out and listed in categories. Choose the files that you want to restore and click "Recover" to save the lost data on your computer.

Part 3: Recover iPhone Lost Data from iCloud Backup

To recover iPhone data with iCloud backup file, you need to make sure that you have do iCloud backup before. There are two ways for you to go this way: Merge it to your iPhone or restore it to your iPhone.

Go to "Settings" in the software > iCloud. Log in to your Apple ID and sign in your iCloud. Then, choose "Merge" on the pop-up message. Then all contacts, mail, notes, reminders in the iCloud backup will be back.

In this way, you need to reset your iPhone as a new device:
Go to "Settings" in the software > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings, and then choose Erase iPhone on the pop-up message. When it restarts, you can select "to Restore from iCloud Backup".

Done! You can retrieve your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud refer to the above steps.

Well done,you have recovered and save your lost contacts on your computer,to copy them back to your iPhone 6,you can use this
iPhone Data Transfer tool to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone directly.


Top iPhone Data Recovery software for every Apple fans
-Restore your data backup in iTunes and iCloud in 3 ways below:
-Directly recovering regular data like contacts, photos, messages and music. Even History of website, previous chat in Whatsapp, data of Flicker, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Kindle, etc.
-Handle multiple situation of data loss, such as Device lost or broken, Failed of Jailbreak, iOS upgrade, System Crash, ROM Flashing.  
-Deal with either partial recovery or whole recovery. You can choose to have specific contents back at the last step.

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